Once Upon a Time I Knew a Magic Man

Remember a while ago when I referenced my Describing the Imagination Professor? “Under the gentle guidance of a universally-beloved 80-year-old British professor,  we studied theory of children’s imagination and discovery and examined children’s stories an artwork as we would have a literary classic. He allowed us the freedom to make our final product a creativeContinue reading “Once Upon a Time I Knew a Magic Man”

“Hello… It’s Me” or “But I promised myself I wouldn’t use Adele lyrics as a title”

Well, here we are. Emerging yet again, after yet another blogging hiatus.  How can the last eight months be summed up? Complex. Textured. Intense. Beautiful. It’s difficult to articulate, because the time that has elapsed since that golden summer on the mountain have been at some moments the most difficult, painful, and even fearful inContinue reading ““Hello… It’s Me” or “But I promised myself I wouldn’t use Adele lyrics as a title””

Emerging Part 2: Summer 2015 in Listicle Form

This is probably where I should say “Good heavens look at the time! How am I just now posting Part Two of the Vermont homage and it’s now October?” But my track record being less than stellar, it’s probably to be expected. So here we are, coming up for air in an already hectic schoolContinue reading “Emerging Part 2: Summer 2015 in Listicle Form”