Ruth Oratorio: Meet the Team

I recently re-discovered this picture from early this year: Sarah, Renee, and I went to see a Hildegard Von Bingen concert at the National Cathedral, which also featured several female composers. We even got a chance to ask Susan Botti, one of the composers, a question at a Q & A, where she talked aboutContinue reading “Ruth Oratorio: Meet the Team”

All the Single Ladies, Circa 1940

This weekend a friend mentioned to me a song she had heard about from her grandmother, describing life in World War II for the women back home and the corresponding dearth of men. We immediately did some eager Google searching, not because a dearth of men is relatable in any way but because, you know,Continue reading “All the Single Ladies, Circa 1940”

The 5 Weirdest Things I Associate with Grieving the Death of my Brother

Grief is super weird. And so is the month of October, at least for me. On the one hand, the incredibly basic autumn-loving pumpkin-everything-consuming side of me has always been in love with the weather and the overall aesthetic. October is my late brother’s birthday month, which is always a strange mix of wistful andContinue reading “The 5 Weirdest Things I Associate with Grieving the Death of my Brother”

Hanging with the Big Kids

I was in college when I first began to hear about academic medieval conferences. My medieval studies professor would sometimes disappear to present a paper, and then return with tales like how apparently Terry Jones (yes of Monty Python fame, but also medieval scholar) could drink them all under the table. It’s been ten yearsContinue reading “Hanging with the Big Kids”

Here’s Hildegard

Right now this picture is a decent representation of my life: She is probably lesson planning and recording grades rather than writing because summer is over, but the medieval part is also appropriate because the 10th grade Humanities has now crossed into the [other] most wonderful time of the year: The Medieval Unit. Literature, language,Continue reading “Here’s Hildegard”