Visions of Sugar Plums

My mom has often recalled with fondness that her grandparents took her to see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center when she was a little girl. She has often recalled details like the magic of the Christmas tree growing before her six-year-old eyes, the snow falling from the stage ceiling as the haunting choir serenaded theContinue reading “Visions of Sugar Plums”

The Life and Death of Ms. Jones

Usually sometime after the Fourth of July “back to school” signs begin to creep into stores and advertisements, and with it the slow grip of anxiety begins to tighten in the heart of every teacher. Leading up to this fall, however, my heart has skipped a little beat whenever I see it, because it hasContinue reading “The Life and Death of Ms. Jones”

Retirement that Ends an Era

These two legends just put on the retirement concert of the century. What’s that saying about not meeting your heroes? Well sometimes you meet your heroes and your respect and admiration of them only grows the more you get to know them. And sometimes you meet your heroes and they change your life through allContinue reading “Retirement that Ends an Era”

Review: Annelies

I firmly believe that composers are actual magicians. Yes, they learn mathematically through rhythm, intervals, theory, and discipline, and yet they tap into this otherworldly realm. They somehow piece things things together to create a transcendent experience that cannot be measured empirically or even properly put into words. The same is true of conductors, whoContinue reading “Review: Annelies”

The Power in a Paintbrush

“Here’s the first painting. Watch out there’s a boob.” I said it partially to make sure they were awake (and maybe for a cheap laugh), but the observation wasn’t entirely empty.  Even approaching Aristocratic Baroque art with a scholarly eye, there’s no denying that the boob count is high, and our slideshow on Peter PaulContinue reading “The Power in a Paintbrush”