Pandemic Musings

I went for a quick lunch break run on the trail and here is what I discovered: The burbling of the stream now mixes with the babbling of children playing outside. While parents look on, kids are balance-walking across fallen trees and jumping from log to log because obviously the ground is lava. I saw a mom and her son crouched on the bank of the stream picking out rocks, and a dad with fishing net and bucket trailed by two kids, all in rain boots. I saw prancing dogs on walks with tails aloft who can’t believe their good luck that their owners are home during the day. I know this thing is big and scary and tragic and awful, believe me. I probably sound like an asthmatic hipster when I say I have been panicking about this virus before it was cool. However, I think there is a distinct chance that good things also come from this madness. Stay safe out there.

Published by Erin

Writer, teacher, composer with a passion for traveling, coffee, and a good book.

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