We Cannot Measure How you Heal


I was flipping through the Book of Common Praise just before Evensong the other night and read the lyrics to this  hymn I had never heard before. I thought the lyrics were so beautiful considering  all of the hurt that seems to be present all around the world these days.  I looked up the lyrics and copied them below for any who would be encouraged by them. I also found a recording of the hymn that I pasted below.

We cannot measure how you heal

or answer every sufferer’s prayer,

yet we believe your grace responds

where faith and doubt unite to care.

Your hands, though bloodied on the cross

survive to hold and heal and warn,

to carry all through death to life

and cradle children yet unborn.


The pain that will not go away,

the guilt that clings from things long past,

the fear of what the future holds

are present as if meant to last.

But present too is love which tends

the hurt we never hoped to find,

the private agonies inside

the memories that haunt the mind.


So some have come who need your help,

and some have come to make amends,

as hands which shaped and saved the world

are present in the touch of friends.

Lord, let your Spirit meet us here

to mend the body, mind and soul,

to disentangle peace from pain

and make your broken people whole


Published by Erin

Writer, teacher, composer with a passion for traveling, coffee, and a good book.

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