Journey on, Dearest Hearts

As a mentioned previously, saying good-bye at the end of this school year was particularly difficult, as I will be transitioning to a new school in the fall. As frequently ends up happening when emotions are high, I wrote a song, and played it for my juniors on our last day of class. I did record it, though the audio is a little quieter than I would like.

The lyrics are below:

Verse 1:
Words feel as scarce as time as minutes slip away
I knew this day would come, though I don’t know what to say
If we could freeze the moment, step out of time somehow
Take one more adventure, yet we only have right now

Oh___ as our paths fade apart
Oh___journey on, dearest heart

Verse 2:
We faced the morning mists and ghostly shrouded trees
Boarded a charter bus for castles and tapestries
We journeyed through the ages, in tales of days of yore
Discovering in the pages, the adventures we came for


If I could have just one minute
To look each of you in the eye
Try to explain what you mean to me
But then I would probably cry
Let’s be honest, I’d probably cry

Verse 3:
Our quest led to treasure, the memories that we share
Treasure in the bonds that formed and moments spent in prayer
The time has come to leave you, and though it hurts to part
I carry with me always, each of you upon my heart


© 2016

Published by Erin

Writer, teacher, composer with a passion for traveling, coffee, and a good book.

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