All in a Golden Afternoon

It’s been a while since I had publishing news to share but my latest article is out now in Living Education Journal! The topic is integrating nature in a study of the language arts and includes tales of Mama Jones during my late elementary/middle school years when I was home schooled.

Living Education Journal is published both in print and online. The online version can be accessed here.

For more information, the main page for the journal can be found here.

Published by Erin

Writer, teacher, composer with a passion for traveling, coffee, and a good book.

One thought on “All in a Golden Afternoon

  1. Erin, I loved your article on a Golden Afternoon! Being in nature and smelling the air and walking on wet grass barefoot with my children and grandchildren has been a priority.

    I am glad you are advocating it for the next generation. God bless you as you graduate and I would love to visit with you some day here in Chester, NJ.

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