“Hello… It’s Me” or “But I promised myself I wouldn’t use Adele lyrics as a title”


Well, here we are. Emerging yet again, after yet another blogging hiatus.  How can the last eight months be summed up?

Complex. Textured. Intense. Beautiful.

It’s difficult to articulate, because the time that has elapsed since that golden summer on the mountain have been at some moments the most difficult, painful, and even fearful in recent memory and at other points jeweled with some of the sweetest memories, victorious triumphs, and the dearest people who in a variety of forms have been a tangible expression of hope. I think that’s what makes the last eight months particularly beautiful in its complexity.

Can color and light truly be appreciated without shadow? Can the swell of a crescendo have any power without the moments of pianissimo? Can the ending to a story be happy without the preceding moments of fear, struggle and even despair?

Looking back over the last eight months, the overwhelming emotion is thankfulness. I am thankful to the Artist who paints light among the shadow, the Author pens a new chapter after a cliff hanger, and the Composer who scores both major and minor keys.

The last eight months gives me tremendous excitement and anticipation for the next seven months and beyond.

To quote J.M. Barrie: “Forward, brave hearts. To what adventures I cannot tell, but I know that your God is watching to see whether you are adventurous.”

Published by Erin

Writer, teacher, composer with a passion for traveling, coffee, and a good book.

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