Childhood Archeology

Sometimes writing is the cheapest therapy around. Sometimes the deepest, unvoiced battles can be waged on the safe space of a page. And then sometimes these words take shape into something that could potentially give a voice to someone who has none.

That’s what happened with this article, which was published this month on Mamalode, entitled: “Seeing through our eyes: Five things You Need to Know About Children With Special Needs Siblings”

This article was a deeply personal one and incredibly difficult to write. In fact, I think I initially wrote it purely as a means of sorting through my own thoughts and emotions. However, I came to realize that I have a unusual perspective as a grown up on the other side of a unique childhood. I think about how many children are growing up with a special needs sibling or a sibling with a chronic illness or medical condition. I want more than anything to be able to help the grown ups around them understand their unique struggles, fears and guilt. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share this perspective, and I hope that this can ultimately work towards helping children in this position

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