The Time We Made A Plan Part II: Beads and Beignets

Before I left for New Orleans, a few students cautioned me that maybe I shouldn’t do “all of the New Orleans things” because it was Holy Week. I am still not sure whether to be flattered or concerned by their assessment of my “wild oats”-sowing tendencies, and I’m also curious what they imagine my non-Holy Week behavior to be. Nonetheless, I managed to make it to New Orleans and in one piece with a clean conscience.

I most looked forward to this final stop on our road trip for the chance to see and catch up with friends, and spend two more days pretending Jess wasn’t moving. I never expected to be find the city itself such a place of inspiration. Few driving experiences have been as harrowing our first entrance into a land of rampant day drinking, high pedestrian traffic and no crosswalks. However, it’s hard to stay stressed when everyone exudes such a wonderfully relaxed spirit of celebration and life. We stayed in the middle of the French Quarter, and I loved how music narrates the streets at all times. Some of my favorite memories were just sitting on the balcony and listening to the sounds of the city.


Art is infused into every inch of the city. Even the trees were sporting their best Mardi Gras beads.


The city is alive and full of magic and life.





I never expected to make this comparison, but New Orleans reminded me so much of Budapest.

IMG_2524 IMG_2527

Obviously the flavor of each city is vastly different, but both cities exuded such a fierce spirit of artistry, inspiration and music.

IMG_2513 IMG_2542Art can be found in most cities, but both of these cities seem to be works of art themselves. New Orleans has joined the ranks of muse cities, and spending a few days there catching up with old friends was the crown jewel of a superb road trip adventure.

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