The Time We Made A Plan Part II: Beads and Beignets

Before I left for New Orleans, a few students cautioned me that maybe I shouldn’t do “all of the New Orleans things” because it was Holy Week. I am still not sure whether to be flattered or concerned by their assessment of my “wild oats”-sowing tendencies, and I’m also curious what they imagine my non-HolyContinue reading “The Time We Made A Plan Part II: Beads and Beignets”

Publication Latest News

This month, a short piece I wrote about Timbuk Fitness is appearing in Heart and Soul Magazine. This publication is particularly sweet because Timbuk Fitness is the company co-founded by my former roommate, Rachel. I will always cherish the countless evenings with her and the other Ashley House roomies sitting around the kitchen table talkingContinue reading “Publication Latest News”

An Easter Weekend Meditation from the Harlem Renaissance

The Crucifixion by James Weldon Johnson (source) Jesus, my gentle Jesus, Walking in the dark of the Garden — The Garden of Gethsemane, Saying to the three disciples: Sorrow is in my soul — Even unto death; Tarry ye here a little while, And watch with me. Jesus, my burdened Jesus, Praying in the darkContinue reading “An Easter Weekend Meditation from the Harlem Renaissance”

That Time We Made a Plan: Part I

Sometimes adventures are born out of passing comments. A four-day road trip can emerge from a late night chat over blackberry sangria and the difficult news of a cross-country move, and a casual “I would drive out with you if you need a travel buddy when you move”. This weekend’s grand adventure and bittersweet farewellContinue reading “That Time We Made a Plan: Part I”