Just Go With Me on This for a Minute: Some Musical Musings

Dance has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. From preschool to high school it was ballet, in college jazz/tap/musical theatre, and after college hip-hop. Now the form dance takes most consistently in my life is through coaching cheer, and while coaching is a blast, I often miss being aContinue reading “Just Go With Me on This for a Minute: Some Musical Musings”

My Classroom Family Tree

I recently used the phrase, “Your intellectual grandfather” when I casually referenced one of my undergraduate professors to my junior English class one day. While the comment was off the cuff, I’ve given it some thought since. I like the idea that the passage of instruction has a generational quality to it. I’m aware thatContinue reading “My Classroom Family Tree”

By the Content of their Character

Walking to the museum from the metro that blustery day, with my 11th grade scholars in tow, I never could have imagined the eye-opening lessons that a simple field trip would teach me.  I say “me”, and not “us”, because I learned that day something my male African-American students probably already knew all too well.Continue reading “By the Content of their Character”