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The one-week lapse in postings was not intentional, but probably exposes the fact that life has been incredibly full and busy. Many many pages of reading to stay on top of, one paper turned in already and another in the works. On top of that, there is much to see, lectures, concerts and theater to take in, and much conversation to be had. Regarding the people I have the privilege to spend the summer with, the majority of us are English teacher, and I am blown away every year to consider the impact that these folks have collectively throughout the school year. We can talk about shared experiences, common struggles, passion and most of all heart. When I consider the caliber of each one of them that are deployed to the classroom, and the sheer volume of students collectively represented in Oxford this summer by their teachers, I am so excited to imagine the learning taking place.

Anyways, here are a few highlights of what has transpired in the last week or so.

High Table:


This takes the of a guest lecture, a reception, and then the illustrious High Table Dinner, a formal, multi-course meal. The professors all sit at the appropriately-named high table at the front. Yes, I’ll say it, much like Harry Potter, and the whole evening is built on tradition and ceremony.

Natural history museum:




A quick walk from the college, a few of us checked this out on a quiet Saturday. There’s definitely much to see there.

Hillsong Concert:


Hillsong came to Oxford Town Hall. Beautiful venue and a really strong turnout.

The World Cup


And of course there’s just Oxford being Oxford.






Probably the highlight of the last week was a day (and a very late night) spent in London.  Since I have a prospectus to write and I’m about to go back into London, I’ll make that a part two “homage to London” post in the next today or so. But here’s a preview:


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