We landed this morning after sleeping nary a minute on the plane, so today was a bit of a blur. Let’s be honest-right now is a bit of a blur. Navigating to Oxford out of the airport is so much simpler the second time, and we were able to easily catch the bus. The moment of crossing over into the county of Oxfordshire is so dramatic, because immediately after the sign the road rounds a bend and suddenly the London outskirts has suddenly faded into green pastures and rolling hills. Probably also ethereal choirs sing. (Too many cliches in a row, but work with me–I haven’t slept). We weren’t able to check into our lodgings until 2pm, so we were probably a bit of a shambles wandering around with luggage like the walking dead. However, being back in this city has made my heart so full all day. This city is magic. The entire heart of the city is focused around academia, and a rich history of learning and discovery has taken place here. This evening, while showing my mother around the city, we spotted a gentlemen riding his bicycle in a suit, bowtie and academic robes. That image embodies the city in many ways: whimsy, class and tradition.

I’m running out of coherent thoughts, and I probably shouldn’t flatter myself that the thoughts above are coherent anyway. Therefore I’ll end with two quick pictures and call it a night.



(I was a little bit obsessed with lamp posts this afternoon.)

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