Snow Day Musings From January.

Below is a post I wrote in January, and neglected to publish. I suppose is very much in keeping with the sporadic nature of this blog, a quality which I am hoping to rectify soon…stay tuned.

I am writing this on snow day #2 and weekend day #6 (Professional day + Saturday+ Sunday+ MLK+ 2 snow days)

Isn’t it lovely?


This means a lot of tea and a lot of writing. I wish this meant accumulating vast word counts on my novel, but this has also meant writing letters of recommendation for my seniors. Also worth while.

This snow is one example of life imitating art. I faced the post-Christmas decoration slump in my classroom. Too early for spring decor, too even early for Valentines and Saint Patrick’s Day. So I decided to go all out to celebrate winter. I broke out the white Christmas lights and the fake snow. Here are some samples:



I wanted to make a winter wonderland, but use the lights to make it warm and magical so that even school days can feel like snow days. That’s the theory at least.

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