This past Saturday I took advantage of the three-day weekend to check one off the “Schoolyear-2013-2104-Bucketlist.” (Working title. It needs a new name.)

I have always wanted to learn how to preserve fruits into jam. No doubt Laura Ingalls Wilder did this to me when I was growing up. Raspberries are just about the only preservable fruit left in season around here, and the next few weekends are pretty packed so it was going to be Saturday or wait until next year.

After much online research as well as a peptalk and words of wisdom from an experienced friend earlier in the day I set off for the local orchard. Pics of the process are the process below.  I’m not going to list detailed instructions, because I am not going to claim to be any kind of expert, but I can point you to Martha Stewart and this helpful site as well as a merry British fellow on youtube that I can’t seem to find anymore to link. But find him; he’s lovely.



Stocked and ready to go!



Post-sterilization…probably the most difficult part of the whole process. Everything had to be boiled.


Some action shots…


For the last boil I had to make my own “canner” using yarn and a strainer. Classy.


Final product!


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