A Tuesday Night Jaunt to the Islands

Confession: my meal planning strategy can be summed up as follows: Harris Teeter Weekly Specials. One day I aspire to be one of those people that pours over cookbooks and then meanders through farmers markets for choice ingredients. But let’s be honest. I work full time. As a teacher. In the suburbs of DC. So no.

I have loved Harris Teeter, though, ever since I started couponing. I quickly discovered, though, that coupon or no, their weekly specials were a veritable treasure trove of quality and bargains. This week when I discovered that the cheapest fish of the week was Mahi Mahi, I added it to the meal plan and scooped up a small filet for a few bucks.  Looking for recipes, the first thing on google was Mahi Mahi lettuce wraps, which intrigued me, but not enough to actually look at the recipe. So I made up my own using mostly what I had around.

I first cut the Mahi Mahi into fishstick-sized strips and marinated it in a mix of lime, honey,  dried chili peppers, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Then I baked it for around 15 minutes with pineapple slices covering the fish and the pan covered in foil.

I had guacamole from a Labor Day picnic the day before, and I picked up a mango salsa at the store. The end result (plus corn on the cob):


A few things to note. First, the fish looks gross. Sorry. It actually is helpful if it’s shredded just a bit, but garnish with a parsley or something if you really can’t handle it. Also butter lettuce makes a fantastic wrapping lettuce, and is a bit more flavorful than iceberg or romaine. They are teeny tiny, but they make adorable little green tacos when assembled.


(Plus some light reading)

Since the weather was beautiful, I took the whole show on the road and camped out on the deck. With a view this leafy, it’s not hard to forget about the traffic and the task list.


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