A Vermont State of Mind

“Reality’s a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there.” -Owl City

Initially the premise of this blog may raise a few questions. Why Vermont? Why Moose? What are you doing? Why should I read this blog when everyone is blogging these days? Good questions.


Does this help you out at all? This is Vermont. A magical land in the mountains where I spent the summer studying  English, writing, exploring, talking and living life with some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever encountered. In addition to these things, I also spent that summer detoxing from the stress of being a busy teacher in a the suburbs of DC.

But the summer ended, and a new school year has returned, and I’m back in the land of brake lights, demerits, and grading, about to start a new school year. I can’t complain. Life here is good, but before let the task list items pile up, I want to make sure that I don’t lose touch with a sense of wonder, creativity, and discovery that came so naturally during the summer. Hence this blog.

Not everything that comes up here will be explicitly connected to Vermont the state. Maybe none of it will appear connected, but just go with it. Towards the end of the summer I made a “School Year 2013-2014” bucket list, of various projects, outings, and accomplishments that would keep work in its place and keep life an adventure. Some of these are small and some are big, but I’ll be alluding to this as I go. Other than that look for recipes, projects, musings, quotes, literature, and every now and then a throwback picture or two. So thanks for stopping by, and remember to stay alert. Moose may be crossing.


Published by Erin

Writer, teacher, composer with a passion for traveling, coffee, and a good book.

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